assisting breastfeeding mothers and babies since 1977

reasons to visit an ibclc

1.  You have had a less than desirable breastfeeding experience with previous babies.

2.  You are beginning to breastfeed and want to understand your baby's instincts and reflexes for latching on.

3.  You are experiencing damaged, painful nipples and need help.

4.  You are engorged, have plugged ducts, a breast infection, or any kind of breast pain while nursing.

5.  Your baby is not latching well or is having trouble feeding.

6.  You are concerned about your milk production.

7.  You have been told to supplement with formula.

8.  You are concerned that your baby is not getting enough to eat and you are not sure how to know.

9.  Your baby is not gaining at least four to six ounces every week.

10.  Your baby is born before his due date and you wish to provide him with your own milk and learn to breastfeed him directly.

11.  You are nursing twins, triplets, or more.

12.  You have been told that you must wean for any reason before you are ready to do so.

13.  You need expertise in choosing a breast pump, pumping, and milk storage.

14.  You need to return to work or school and need guidance in how to successfully continue breastfeeding.

15.  You have health issues and need to know more about breastfeeding in your special situation.