assisting breastfeeding mothers and babies since 1977

what to expect

‚Äč    I will meet with you and your family for one to two hours to assist you with breastfeeding.  If you have a breast pump or any equipment you have been using please bring it with you to the appointment if you are coming to my home.  Please bring phone and fax numbers for your OB or midwife, and pediatrician or family doctor so I can update your care providers on our visit. 

    First, I will ask you to sign consent to assist you as well as sharing a HIPAA privacy agreement.  Then I will talk with you about your baby and obtain a full history of you, your pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding experience so far.  I will happily listen to your birth story!  I will also do a full history on your baby and a head to toe checkup.  We will discuss your baby and your concerns.

    In most cases I will weigh your baby wearing only a diaper, observe a feeding, and re-weigh your baby.  This helps us to know how well your baby is feeding and gives me a chance to observe how well your baby is breastfeeding.  

    At the end of the session I will share my observations with you and suggest an individualized plan of care.  Many factors affect breastfeeding.  Some are mother-related, some are baby-related, most are minor and easily fixed.  Together we will decide on steps to get you back on track for breastfeeding success. I will share information about our visit with your health care provider, baby's health care provider, or both.  I may suggest a referral to another practitioner to complement the plan of care that we have designed.  For example, this referral could be an ENT doctor, a pediatric dentist, or a cranio-sacral therapist.

    I will expect your phone call the following day and again the day after, so we can evaluate how our plan is working for you, your family, and your baby.  A follow up visit may or may not be necessary.  We'll talk!  My job is to provide you with information, encouragement, and support.

    Breastfeeding is a sweet union-one you will never forget!